Aerospace defense
Medical devices Medical instruments
Surgical cutting unit Lumen maintenance catheter for angiostomy Apparatus of man-made satellite communication
Dental cutting unit Instruments for identifying epidural space in epidural anesthesia Flight simulator-related equipment
Treatment unit for house calls Instruments for epidural anesthesia Production equipment in defense device
High pressure and electric potential treatment devices Instruments for cardiology Rotor blade-related test equipment
Low frequency treatment device Instruments for anesthesiology Fixed wing-related test equipment
Heat therapy device Instruments for ophthalmology Rockets-related test equipment
Phototherapy device Instruments for otolaryngology Missile-related test equipment
Vibration catheter Instruments for cosmetic and plastic surgery Drone-related test equipment
Bedsore measuring device Instruments for biopsy Automobile with special body-related equipment
Control unit for nursing care Endoscope-related devices Air ship-related equipment
Winged needle Air planes-related test equipment
Catheters for animals Passenjer planes-related test equipment
Maintenance of airline-related machinery and material resources
Automobiles Industry
Temperature/water thermometer for vehicle installation Industrial cutting unit
Fuel control unit for vehicle installation Supersonic wave unit
Inspection equipment for air-conditioner unit function NC spindle control equipment
Inspection equipment for air-conditioner switch function Control equipment for NC cutting machine
Inspection equipment for air-conditioner motor properties tester Control equipment for industrial sewing machine
Inspection equipment for touch panel function Control equipment for occupational sewing machine
Examination equipment for turbine blade Filling robot
Inspection equipment for power module function Analyzer transmission board
Tester for touch panel machine Equipment for removing foreign substance
Container temperature control equipment Inspection equipment for shipping
Testing equipment for in-vehicle communication measurements Charge equipment for office cleaner
Data analysis equipment for vehicle Plasma ion tester
Pump control equipment Electrostatic zipper control unit elevator system order panel
Control equipment for squirting/supplying water in fire fighting Control board for controlling elevator
Testing equipment for battery properties
Lights Others
Advertising tower display Plastic house control board for automatic opening and shutting equipment
Driver's license imager Plastic house motor board for automatic opening and shutting equipment
Apparatus of underwater emission light blinking Control board for fertilizer supplying equipment
Light source control equipment for studios Test equipment for ventilation drying
Infrared measurement equipment Food processing mechanism parts
Orbis infrared rays detection unit Device for detecting broken thread for textile
Photographic equipment for ID photography Home sewing machine
Automatic lighting studio Fortune-telling machine for vending machines
Scale model for hobbies
Testing equipment for on-line karaoke durability
Dart mechanical parts for business use
Physics and chemistry apparatus