In today’s climate where global competition in manufacturing is becoming more intensified, the intellectual property rights of our company go without saying, but we actively propose the acquisition of intellectual property rights for strengthening the competitive ability of the customer and improvement in the brand strength. 

Group Intellectual Property Rights Status
Japan Patent rights 8
Patent pending 3
Trademark rights 5
Overseas Patent rights 4
Patent pending 14 5countries
Trademark rights 2
Trademark pending 7 6countries

■Other than the above, there are more than 40 related patents
■ As of October 2017

Patent Rights
Country No. By Group
Japan 5467668 FEG
Japan 5601741 FEG
Japan 5804440 MFJ
Japan 5854414 MFJ
Japan 5886454 FEG
Japan 5937729 MFJ
Korea 10-1637803 FEG
China 21480001487.3 FEG
Japan 6178533 FEG
Korea 10-1769272 FEG
U.S. 9750530 FEG
Japan 6210651 FEG
Trademark Rights
Country No. By Group
Japan 5725133 MFJ
U.S. 4872823 MFJ
Japan 5827926 FEG
Japan 5827927 FEG
Japan 5827928 FEG
Japan 5861626 FEG
Europe 013337555 MFJ
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With the advancement of society, high-quality manufacturing has become the norm, and it is now a time where reliability and safety are demanded more than anything else. Through manufacturing and service, in order to deliver added value that cannot be seen called relief, we promote the acquisition of national qualifications and other various qualifications starting with technicians. In this way, we strive to secure technology, quality, and assured reliability.

National Technician National Technician Examining Committee
Electronic Circuit Connection Technician National Technician Examining Committee
Electronic Machinery Assembly Technician National Technician Examining Assistant
Semiconductor Product Manufacturing Technician
Machinery Plant Technician
Metal Coating Technician
FP Technician
Electronic/Electric Type Machinery Type
Electronic Circuit Connection Technician Machinery Plant Technician
Electronic Machinery Assembly Technician Metal Coating Technician
Semiconductor Product Manufacturing Technician Grinding Stone Cutting and Exchanging Operator
Electronic Construction Technician Gas Welding Worker
Micro Soldering High Grade Operator Arc Welding Worker
FP Technician
Organic Solvent Manager
Poisons and Deleterious Handling Manager
X-ray Work Manager
Hygiene Manager
Safety Manager
Fire Prevention Manager
Hazardous Material Handling Manager
Quality Control Inspection

Qualification acquisition cost: All expenses covered by the company.
At the time of acquisition: There is an incentive system.

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By closely cooperating with various universities and testing institutions, we continue to pursue and accumulate technology day by day. Furthermore, in aiming for further studies, we utilize the subsidy system of the country and prefectures to advance our technology.

Systems that have been utilized 

Jurisdiction Name Year
Country Japan Patent Office Foreign Country Application Assistance Project 2017
Country Japan Patent Office Foreign Country Application Assistance Project(Group Company:Medforce Japan Co. Ltd.) 2016
Country Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Manufacturing Reform Subsidy 2015
Prefecture Tochigi Prefecture Tochigi Future Challenge Fund 2015
Country Japan Patent Office Foreign Country Application Assistance Project 2015
Country Japan Patent Office Foreign Country Application Assistance Project 2014

From 2008, we disclose quality information related to incidents that have occurred in the various processes, including external complaints to employees. Furthermore, we periodically disclose information to the outside through our homepage. This is due to our belief that by making the quality information open to the public, employees will share and face the issues and continue to make improvements. We believe this will lead to true improvement of quality. Finally, in addition to the nine management systems in place now, 4M change management, and PPM management, by introducing the key characteristic management involving new critical key items, we aim to build a flawless quality control system of higher certainty.

Updated every May

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As a part of our business activities, we participate in exhibitions for PR.
In the future, participation of various academic societies are scheduled.

Exhibition Name Location Year
Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery/td> ROYTON Sapporo 2017
Exhibition of Japanese Surgical Nursing Association Kyushu Area Saga community center 2017
Exhibition of Japanese Surgical Nursing Association Kantou koushinetsu Regional Community PACIFICO YOKOHAMA 2017
Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo Tokyo Big Sight 2015
CMEF Spring Fair Shanghai, China 2015
Tochigi Technology Exhibition Conference Fuji Heavy Industries  Gunma Factory 2013
Integrated Exhibition of Edo/Tokyo Technology and Techno Tokyo International Forum 2012
Tochigi Technology Exhibition Conference Hitachi Appliance 2012
Tochigi Technology Exhibition Conference Nissan Atsugi Factory 2012
Tochigi Industry Restoration Project Technology Gathering Marronnier Plaza 2012
Tochigi’s New Technology/New Construction Method Exhibition Conference Toyota Headquarters 2011
Technology Exchange Exhibition Nissan Kaminokawa Factory 2010
Tochigi/Ibaraki Cooperative Technology Exhibition Conference Honda Technology Research Laboratory 2010
Technology Exchange Exhibition Marronnier Plaza 2010
Honda Technology Research Laboratory Exhibition Honda Technology Research Laboratory 2009
Medium and Small Business Techno Fair Tokyo Big Sight 2003
Medium and Small Business Techno Fair Tokyo Big Sight 2001
Medium and Small Business Techno Fair Tokyo Big Sight 2000
Medium and Small Business Techno Fair Tokyo Big Sight 1999
Medium and Small Business Techno Fair Tokyo Big Sight 1998
Medium and Small Business Techno Fair Tokyo Big Sight 1997

By utilizing the wealth of experience and results we have accumulated by being involved in the medical field, we opened a problem solving-type solution site Iryokiki (Medical Device in 2013, the first of its kind in Japan, and many people use the site.

Regarding the manufacturing and service that we provide, we implement surveys and interviews for customers, and it helps us with improvement. The results are shared with all employees, and we disclose the information to the public periodically through our homepage.

Dear major medical device manufacturers, 

Thank you very much for your quick responses related to the launch of a product. Furthermore, we apologize for the trouble we may cause regarding the delivery time. In the future, the adaptation standards will become more strict and we ask you for your continued support and response.

Dear major automobile manufacturers,  

With the cooperation in various areas such as functional improvement of our devices, we recognize that you are a manufacturer that can be trusted. We ask for your continued support regarding improvement of specifications and decrease in the price.

Dear major aircraft manufacturers, 

Thank you for always corresponding to the production of our company.
Your speedy response and correspondence helps us very much.